Dance instructors

Chamari Boralessa

    Dance Qualifications:

    • Registered Member of The Canadian DanceSport Federation (C.D.F.)
    • Registered Member of The Canadian Dance Teacher’s Association (C.D.T.A.)
    • Founder and owner of Ballroom and Latin Dance Studio Inc. from 2008 to present.
    • C.D.T.A. Ballroom Dancing Diploma.
    • C.D.T.A Professional International Style Ballroom Medal Test (passed with Highly Commended Average)
    • C.D.T.A International Style Ballroom Amateur Medal  Test (passed with Highly Commended Average.)
    • Completion of Dance Foundation program.
    • Enjoy competing and performing at various competitions, charities, dance recitals, social and cultural events.

    About me:

    • I started developing an interest for classical dancing at age 8. Since then, dancing has always been a passion, and a hobby for me. I started to develop a strong interest in Ballroom & Latin Dancing in 2000. One thing lead to the other and next thing I remember is studying for my CDTA professional exams to become a qualified dance instructor. I decided to open up my own studio in 2008 and to share my passion and love of dancing with others. My favourite dance styles include Samba, Rumba, Argentine Tango & Viennese Waltz.


    Thank you for a wonderful dance event.  You were the perfect hostess as usual and the best dance teacher ever. Congratulations on the lovely group of students you have taught, who danced so joyfully and enthusiastically.
     It was a great night and I appreciate you inviting me so very much. The food was delightful, healthy and delicious. How kind of you!   Wishing you continued prosperity, success and joy,
               Lynda K.

    Thank you for teaching us some awesome dance moves.  We had sooo much fun! You were wonderful.  Not only extremely talented but patient and kind.  I don't think you've seen the last of us !!       Jamie & Rose

    What fond and wonderful memories I have of all the dance classes and parties with you.  You are so dear to me and have enriched my life.  I miss the wonderful times I shared with you and value all those beautiful lessons.  I am sure they are still helping me to become more gracious.   Have a wonderful time dancing and in my heart I am dancing with you too.   Mary P.

Barbara Grumme

    Dance Qualifications:

    • Studied ballet for 13 years with Royal Academy of Dance Canada.
    • Part time Ballet instructor during my high school years
    • Started International style Latin and Standard training at age 16
    • Competed at the Ontario level .
    • Discovered the world of Social and club style dancing.
    • Traveled and learned dance in many areas including Florida, New York , Mexico, Germany, Turkey.
    • Founder, owner operator , teacher of Ballroom Etc. dance studio in Niagara Falls from 1994 – 2004

    About me

    I love to dance and love to learn. I take dance lessons of any kind, where ever I go. Dance is an international language- where ever you go, whatever the language barriers might be, one can always make new friends through dance.
    My favourite dances are slow waltz, argentine tango and salsa.
    I'm a full time realtor with a passion for real estate and dancing.